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After-sale service
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First, the purpose of the service

Customer satisfaction is our only goal.

Second, the service commitment

1, pre-sales service

(1) Warmly welcome users' visits and quickly handle incoming calls, letters, faxes and other inquiries.

(2) During the selection phase, users are welcome to visit the company. The company is willing to provide technical information on related products, and provide various technical consultations and answer user questions in a timely manner. If the user wants, the company will help users who are not familiar with the product to choose the most suitable product, the correct specifications and models.


 2, in-sale service

(1) After the contract is signed, the company will promptly improve the reasonable opinions about the product quality proposed by the customer.

(2) Organize production in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the contract and relevant national standards, guarantee quality and quantity, and deliver on time at the agreed place.

(3) Before the product is delivered, the company will notify the user and provide the product quality assurance form and the goods delivery note to the user.


 3, after sales service

(1) The company implements the after-sales service system within 24 hours, that is, after receiving the customer's need to provide after-sales service notice, our company guarantees to reply in time.

(2) In the process of installation and use, if the company needs to provide technical guidance, our company will dispatch professional technicians to provide services free of charge to meet the needs of users.

(3) The company establishes user files and regularly visits users, makes written and telephone contact with users, consults users' opinions and suggestions, conducts statistics and analysis on suggestions and quality problems put forward by users, continuously improves the management of the company, and further improves product quality. And the quality of marketing services, the pursuit of perfection to meet the needs of users.