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Warm congratulations to Chnye Company for its joining in the 22nd Brazilian Building Materials Exhibition

Warm congratulations to Chnye Company for its joining in the 22nd Brazilian Building Materials Exhibition

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2016 FEICON BATIMAT Brazilian International Building Materials Exhibition was jointly hosted by Alcantara Machado and Reed Exhibitions. Since it was held for the first time in 1990, it has been held for over 20 rounds. Each year, participators present involve architects, designers, engineers, retailers of building materials and professionals on building trade from all over the world; the exposition has grown into the largest and most influential synthetic exhibition on building materials in South America. As a major trading platform for companies of building materials the world over to access Brazil and Latin America, International Building Materials Exhibition in St. Paulo, Brazil appeals to buyers from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexica, US and all over the world.


In 2016, a total of over 1000 exhibitors from Brazil and throughout the world came over and joined it. It drew a total of 130,000 professional audience. The exhibition venue covers 85,000 square meters. With boosted quality of professional audience and interests on Brazilian market all over the world makes Feicon Batimat Brazilian Building Materials Exhibition the best platform for sales and business in the country.


Analysis on market of building material in Brazil

In 2016, Brazilian International Building Material Exhibition opens its exhibition area for ‘outdoors horticulture products’ to showcase relevant products and brands. Since 1999, horticulture products in Brazil shows a surge at around 12% on the yearly basis. Spurred by real estate sector in Brazil, landscaping, horticulture, outdoors leisure and flower market shows a continuously improvement in value and importance. With the Olympics Games being imminent, preparation for the sports event will vigorously propel reconstruction and rebuilding of major cities in the country and bring in more opportunities of development for horticulture, outdoors leisure and flower market. Outbound companies with export prevailing take a large proportion in outdoors horticulture industry in our country that produce products with high cost performance and feature high competitiveness in the Brazilian market.


Brazil and South America are major exporting areas for China. Good-quality and inexpensive building materials from China have big market occupancy and development space in the South American market. The exhibition helps build a bridge used to extend the Brazilian market for companies joining the exhibition.


2016 Brazilian International Building Materials Exhibition is a sure way for manufacturers of building materials in our country to access the South American access the South American market.