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Executive representatives from Jiangsu Chnye Tools Co., Ltd. joined the 29th Shanghai International Hardware Exposition

Executive representatives from Jiangsu Chnye Tools Co., Ltd. joined the 29th Shanghai International Hardware Exposition

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The 29th Shanghai International Hardware Exposition was held in the State Convention Center (New Exhibition Hall in Hongqiao, Shanghai) In March, 30-April, 1, 2016. The 27th China International Hardware Exposition successfully held in March, 31-April, 2, 2015 demonstrated its thriving vitality and big industrial cohesion with scale and quality reaching historic new high. The exhibition covered an area of 160000 square meters with 8000 booths. It has a tally of over 3000 domestic and overseas exhibitors and draws over 90000 professional viewers from both home and abroad. It clustered famous brands and companies in the world’s hardware industry. forums held in the commensurate period and special areas for hoisting, current collector sleeves and logistics goods shelf all won over praise by exhibitors and participators that once again verified its status as the most popular exhibition in the field. the fieexhibition in the field. the fild.


2016 marks the year of all-out implementation of the ‘12th Five-Year-Plan’ in China. Besieged by many dicey factors, how to maintain high-speed growth? Pulling the domestic demand is, without doubt, a shortcut. The ‘12th Five-Year-Plan’ explicitly proposes ‘boost of core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, enhancement of new product development ability and brand building capacity’ that pinpoints development orientation for hardware companies in China. How hardware companies perform well in their transformation and upgrading and boost their competitiveness and innovation and how to implement walking with two legs is urgently in need of. By utilizing this opportunity and catering to demands of exhibitors and development trend of the hardware industry, the 29th China International Hardware Exposition once again utilized the state Convention Center (New Exhibition Hall in Hongqiao Shanghai). The total exhibition area surpasses 163400 square meters with 8600 standardly-designed booths. Its scale got ascended to the top of global professional exhibitions on hardware.